The universal laser powermeter 



TERAPOWER : The universal laser beam powermeter suited for UV, visible, infrared and terahertz.

A unique tool for power metrology : TeraPower

                 Nethis offers the Terapower, an innovative universal optical powermeter working in the THz, Infrared, visible or UV spectral domain : this unique tool covers the largest spectral band from 0.1 to 3000 µm and is scalable from 50 µW to 1 Watt optical power.

                 The TeraPower is easy-to-use, easy-to-plug and is provided with a complete PC interface. The software visualizes, measures and records real time optical power variation in the simplest way.





cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Real time laser beam power analysis 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Transmittance and reflextance measurment of materials 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Laser alignment and detection tool 

Key benefits

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Broadband spectral range (0.1 to 3000 µm) 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Large detector aera for high divergency beam 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Suited to high-power lasers sources 


Auto calibrated flux meter extending the Infrared and thermal technology up to TeraHertz and sub-TeraHertz electromagnetic domain.