The widest universal laser viewing card from 0.1 to 3000µm




TeraCard : The largest spectral range for this laser viewing card.

Nethis offers the TeraCard, a universal laser viewing card adapted for every laser sources : UV, Visible, IR and THz. Our card is based on a photon to IR converter which absorb any photon from 0,1 to 3000 µm. Acquire hence your beam with the smallest, lightest and most affordable thermal camera.

“Align, detect and record your optical beams in a complete laser safe state”




cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Laser visualization 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Laser beam alignment (UV; IR; THz) 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Thermal imaging 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Blackbody radiation characterization 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Multispectral sources 

Key benefits

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Use an unique tool for UV, Visible, IR and THz

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Complete laser safety use 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Record more than 5000 beams in one touch 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Adapted for all high power lasers sources 

Align, detect and record your optical beams in a complete laser safe state


                                             Easy-to-use with hand-held thermal camera