The universal camera for laser beam analysis and imaging 



Openview : a universal camera for the largest spectral range

Openview : The universal camera for laser beam analysis and Imaging. 

The OpenView is an universal camera offering the largest spectral range from UV to THz domain.

The OpenView from NeTHIS - New TeraHertz Imaging Systems, is a universal camera offering the largest spectral range from UV to THz domain. Our technology is based on a high performance photon to IR converter able to convert any photon from 0,1 to 3 000 µm.

Users select it’s own spectral band of the OpenView using optical filters in UV, Visible, IR, THz region. And take also benefits of a large sensitivity area (ø = 50 mm) for high-power laser profiling and imaging.




cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Laser beam analysis (profiling, M², divergency...) 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  2D or 3D multispectral imaging

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Non destructif testing and industrial vision (composit, wood, plastic, ceramics...)

Key Benefits

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Choice of spectral range UV, Visible, IR, Thz or multispectral (0.1 to 3000 µm) 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Largest and uncooled detection surface

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Adapted for all high-power lasers sources 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Noise reducing software



View and characterize your beam

impres écran                                                        

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Real time vision / Acquisition mod 

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Profile analysis 

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Timing graphic and measurements 

Noise and thermal software processing to enable low energy

                              OPA laser          op laser                                                                                                                               

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Spectral range : 0.1 - 3 THz 

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Peak energy 1µj

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Beam diameter 0.9mm 

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Pulse duration 100 fs

                              cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Frequency rate 1 kHz

Unique THz beam profiling characterization

graphique fina l

View and characterize your beam