Improve your  Infrared thermal camera into a multispectral broadband sensor 




OpenIR Converter

OpenIR Converter

A multispectral Broadband sensor.

OpenIR-Converter is an optical passive module implemented on all available cooled or uncooled infrared thermal camera.

NeTHIS hence proposes an extension of the spectral band of InSb/MCT/Microbolometer detector into all the electromagnetic spectral band from UV to THz waves (0,1 µm to 3 000 µm).


  Aeronautic composites


Have a sight inside the matter using your IR camera 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png  Non-destructive testing of insulating opaque materials: 

  • Multispectral 2D IR/THz imaging 
  • Multispectral 3D IR/THz tomography 
  • Physical parameters inspection and cartography (T°, Humidity, pressure...) 

Key benefits

Improve your IR Camera performances 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png The largest homogeneous spectral response 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png No alignment or calibration needed 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Keep your same acquisitions software process 

cropped-Nethis_Oeil-Color-04.png Easy-to-use and easy-to-plug /unplugged

Classical standar Infrared Sensor



NeTHIS sensor response


Temperature measurment through insulator material (TeraTHERM)


THz 2D and 3D penetrating imaging examples

exemple 1

exemple 2

exemple 3




Imagine the next use of your thermal camera for multispectral active imaging