Scientific Metrology 

IMG_6486Until now, laser metrology solutions have been limited, and concentrated only on visible and near IR laser radiation. Researchers have had to develop their own broadband or tunable lasers. The wider the spectral range, the more complex the detection equipment.

NeTHIS has developed innovative devices for laser beam analysis and imaging, specifically designed for optical metrology that span the largest part of the electromagnetic spectrum, from UV to THz.

NeTHIS provides turnkey laser metrology solutions. NeTHIS' solutions work on the broadest special sensitivity range (UV, Visible, IR & THz).


Non destructive testing of insulating opaque materials


Most existing Non destructive testing  solutions are resource intensive, especially for in-depth integrity testing. The current Non destructive testing process forces engineers to send pieces and structures back to maintenance or manufacturing departments as soon as a default is suspected and it costs money while increasing mobilization time.

NeTHIS’ hybrid IR/THz control system provides cost-efficient portable imaging systems by plugging its OpenIRconverter, a TeraHertz imaging module into existing infrared equipment, NeTHIS enhances their capabilities and provides in-situ physical & volumetric information.




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